Vrinda Gleeson is an Australian artist who uses candid, staged and imagined portraits to recover the invisible, noble and small parts of the human experience in a material-centric world.

With an exploratory approach to painting, Vrinda reveals a fascination for the use of process, colour and figurative form to highlight small experiences.

Spending long periods of time within India, Vrinda’s work is driven by an upbringing within a margin between two cultures. By drawing from the stories and experiences of  herself, her friends and community, Vrinda’s work explores what identity looks like in a globalised world; highlighting relationships, connection, belonging and the position of women in todays media-scape.

Gleeson has completed her Bachelor of Visual art at Southern Cross University and finished her Honours in Fine Art at Griffith, Queensland college of Art in Brisbane. Gleeson currently lives between the Tweed Shire, Australia and India.