2018 Am I Dancing alone?

200km east of Delhi there is a village, Vrindavan Dham and the people who live there, the Vrajbasis, are considered some of the most devout Krishna devotees, the deity of Krsna quite literally being their life and soul. From September 2017 to April 2018 I lived amongst Vrajbasi devotees and observed the daily going-ons of their lives.
‘Am I dancing Alone’ is in all senses a personal project. In place of a diary Vrinda explores ‘the portrait’ to console her own sense of foreignness. Committed to her watercolours and weary of colonising the Vrajbasi’s as an image, what manifested was a timeless truth; the act of painting a portrait, in life, engaged and respectful is one of the surest ways two people can connect despite their race, language and faith.